Carbon monoxide detection in Shakopee, MN
January 17

Why Every Household Needs Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is a leading cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 400 U.S. residents die… View Article Read More

Circuit breaker services in Shakopee, MN
January 9

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Circuit Breaker

If you are trying to decide what size and type of circuit breaker to buy, you’re in the right spot. There are several crucial considerations… View Article Read More

Winter Electrical tips in Shakopee, MN
December 20

10 Tips to Prevent Winter Electrical Disasters at Home

Winter can be tough on your home’s electrical system when you live in a region like Minnesota that experiences extreme snow and ice. Ice and… View Article Read More

Electrical installations
December 13

Home Lighting Tips for Every Room

Lighting is one of the most essential components in your home. The right lighting fixtures add both style and mood to every room. When thrown… View Article Read More

Electrical services and inspections
December 4

Understanding the Updated 2023 National Electrical Code: A Homeowner’s Guide

Keeping up with electrical codes probably isn’t very high on your to-do list, but it’s one of those chores you just have to force yourself… View Article Read More

Electrical Panel upgrades in Shakopee, MN
November 20

Electrical Panel Upgrades: Knowing When and Why They’re Necessary

The electrical panel is the heart of an electrical system and supplies power to every circuit inside and outside the home. No matter the age… View Article Read More

Rewiring Your Home: Safety, Efficiency, and Modernization
November 7

Rewiring Your Home: Safety, Efficiency, and Modernization

Electrical systems are obviously one of the most important parts of homes, and they are also by far the most dangerous. Damaged wires and other… View Article Read More

Emergency Electrical Services: When to Call a Professional
November 1

Emergency Electrical Services: When to Call a Professional

Electrical issues such as an outlet or light switch that stops working can be annoying, but they generally aren’t an emergency or something that you… View Article Read More

October 24

Save Time and Money With Programmable Thermostats

When winter strikes, heating bill soars. Your thermostat often works overtime to keep your home warm during those cold months. But when expenses climb, it… View Article Read More

Circuit Breaker Services in Shakopee, MN
October 18

What To Do If You Are Having Circuit Breaker Issues

How to Deal With Circuit Breaker Issues One issue that electricians are often called to deal with is circuit breaker problems. These devices can act… View Article Read More