If you live in Golden Valley, MN, it might be time for an electric panel upgrade. Most of the homes in the area are well over 30 years old in this established community, which means your electric infrastructure is unlikely to meet your needs today unless you’ve already installed an upgraded electrical panel. Rewiring residential homes for remodeling or new construction to handle the requirements of today’s electrical demands will improve your home values in Golden Valley.

If your current panel isn’t enough to keep your lights on and your heat running, that means it’s time to replace your electric panel. When you’re ready to upgrade your electric panel and access the power you need, give the electrical pros at Finch Home Solutions a quick call to schedule a time for us to come out and give you a quote.

Localized brownouts where your lights dim or flicker, either in specific rooms or throughout your entire home, can mean you’re using too much power throughput. If you’ve got an electric stove on along with a dishwasher and other appliances and you notice your lights starting to dim, that’s a sign that you need more power to keep everything running.