If you own a home built before the 1990s, you may have a Federal Pacific panel in your home’s electrical system. These popular panels were discovered to be unsafe as a fire hazard approximately 40 years ago yet still exist in many homes today. Here is everything you need to know about the fire hazard danger with Federal Pacific Panels. 

How are Federal Pacific Panels a Fire Hazard?

According to an extensive investigation, Federal Pacific Panels have a substantial risk of failure. Tests on these panels showed the electrical load increased to approximately 135% above normal readings. The breakers should have tripped with this load, but it only happened randomly throughout the testing.


An excessive electrical load is typically caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment, short circuits, or OTR overload from a large number of plugged devices. If this load flows through the system throughout the panel, the beaker can cause a fire. Federal Pacific Panels may be responsible for over 2,800 fires and $40 million in property damage yearly.  

Is Your Home at Risk for a Fire Hazard?

To determine if your Federal Pacific Panel is a fire hazard, look for a red stripe with the name printed on the cover of the breaker box. In addition, the circuit breaker inside the panel may have a red stripe on the end of the switch with the circuit amp rating printed in black. If you notice these signs or are still unsure, call a licensed electrician to have the panel inspected and replaced. 

Prevent Fire Hazard Danger from Federal Pacific Panels in Your Home

Protecting your home and family from the fire hazard danger of Federal Pacific Panels is vitally important. If your reading this and happen to live in the greater Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota area, our Licensed electricians from Finch Home Solutions can come to your home at your convenience and replace it with an upgraded panel to keep you safe.

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