Residential Lighting Upgrades

Are you having issues with your home lighting? Upgrading your lighting can prevent several kinds of electrical problems in your home and improve its overall energy efficiency. Whether you need interior lighting in your kitchen to make cooking easier or outdoor lighting for security, experienced licensed electricians can provide you with the convenience you desire. Finch Home Solutions in Minnesota offers a wide range of affordable solutions for lighting upgrades for residents in the Twin Cities area.

Interior Lighting Upgrades for Your Home

Are you planning to remodel or need new lighting fixtures in your home? Many Twin Cities residents with older homes have issues with adequate lighting, especially in the kitchen. Outdated lighting can cause safety hazards and injuries for older adults who may have poor eyesight. You may want to consider lighting solutions along stairs and in bathrooms where the greatest risks of tripping and falling can occur.

Recessed and under-cabinet lighting upgrades can vastly improve your interior workspaces. Switching to LED lights can save money on your monthly energy bill and improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Another option for interior lighting is smart home solutions to control lighting through an app on your smartphone. A licensed electrician can rewire lighting or perform a light fixture install as needed to maximize your energy efficiency.

Outdoor Security Lighting Upgrades

Outdoor security lighting can help protect your property from criminal activity. Proper lighting can also prevent injury to you or your visitors while entering or exiting your home. There are a number of options available from Finch Home Solutions, depending on your unique needs. A licensed electrician can strategically install motion sensors or lighting along sidewalks or driveways for optimal illumination.

Underground wiring in lamp posts can become damaged over time from yard work or water leakage from rain or snow. If you have lamp posts or other outdoor lighting fixtures in need of repair, you can have these issues affordably fixed at your convenience. An electrician can perform repairs to ensure the underground wiring is watertight and safe to prevent costly damage to your property.

Minnesota Specialists for Lighting Upgrades

The right lighting not only enhances your home aesthetically but can keep you and your family safe. Finch Home Solutions is your electrical specialist in Minnesota that can help you discover the best solution with lighting upgrades that best suit your needs. An experienced electrician can come to your home in the Twin Cities area for an inspection and consultation to discuss the various available options.

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