Nothing will remind you of how much you depend on electricity in your daily life like a power outage. Electricity drives our modern way of living. Should a natural disaster affect your area with a power outage, review these safety reminders to keep you and your loved ones safe. 


Before a Power Outage

If you are fortunate to read this before a storm hits, be sure to charge all phones and communication devices. Unplug all your expensive electronics and move them to the highest place you can in case any flooding causes water damage. 


As the storm approaches, turn off the main power breaker that supplies the home. This will prevent any surges from harming your wiring and electrical equipment. 


After the Storm

After the storm has passed, evaluate the aftermath. Avoid flooded areas that may be electrified. Do not use any electrical device that was submerged or got wet. 


If there has been flooding in the building, call a trusted electrician to check the electrical system prior to turning it back on. If you are in the Twin Cities Metro area, call Finch Home Solutions for 24/7 service. 


After a power outage, be alert when you venture outside. Stay at least 35 feet away from any fallen power lines. Do not touch anything a fallen line may be touching; items like fences, light posts or cars could be electrified, and you could get hurt. Alert others to the danger and report it to 911. 


Prevent Power Outage Disruptions

Generators are great for keeping daily life running smoothly during a power outage. Call Finch Home Solutions, if you are in the Twin Cities Metro Area, to install it, and they will use a listed and approved transfer switch and GFCI protection. 


Before and After a Power Outage

Storms can devastate a community. The storm damage and the power outages that often accompany them are challenging. If you are in the Twin Cities Metro Area, Finch Home Solutions is ready to protect you and your family both before and after a power outage with 24/7 emergency service. Put Finch Home Solutions on your phone now, so you are ready for the next power outage (612) 502-3311.

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