If you need to immediately upgrade the lighting in your home, look no further than Finch Home Solutions! We are your one-stop shop for household lighting upgrades in Bloomington. From LED bulbs to chandeliers, we have everything you need to make your home more lively. If you live in Bloomington, there has never been a better time to replace your home’s lighting than now. The city offers residents several incentives for making home upgrades, including rebates on installation costs and discounts on fixtures that use less energy.


One of the best companies to work with for home lighting upgrades is Finch Home Solutions. We have provided lighting renovation assistance to Bloomington homes for over five years. We offer various services, from LED retrofits to whole-house lighting design. We are conscious that not everyone has in-depth knowledge of home lighting. Our team of professionals is here to help you at every step. Together, we’ll choose the best lighting fixtures for your home, and we’ll even take care of the installation.


Call Finch Home Solutions to upgrade your home’s lighting

Making small lighting changes in your home is a great way to raise its comfort and value. Contacting us is the best way to determine which lighting improvement strategy will work best for you. We can help you choose the right lighting fixtures and ensure that they are installed correctly.


It can take a lot of work, but it’s worth it to upgrade the lighting in your house. New lighting fixtures can enhance the beauty and brightness of your living space. Additionally, you might reduce your energy bills by choosing energy-efficient fixtures. Therefore, if you’re thinking about altering the lighting in your home, get in touch with us right now.