Electrical Panels

From modifying existing electrical panels to removing old fuse boxes we can help customers to maintain their current electrical systems as well as help them to understand how to plan for the future needs of their home.

Arc Fault breakers

Arc Fault breakers are the newest technology available for protecting homes against electrical fires. They have computer chips built into them to closely monitor wiring in your home.


Ground fault circuit interrupters are designed to protect individuals from electrical shock. Homes built in later eras lack the proper protection required to keep people safe.


Grounding is essential to keeping electrical systems operating safely. Grounding ensures electrical systems shut off when they are supposed to and helps to prevent electrical shock.

Surge Protectors

Modern electronics need modern forms of protection. We install whole-home surge protection directly to your main breaker panel.


Updating lighting in homes is our specialty. We help to bring old homes out of the darkness and into a new era of light. Updates ranging from under cabinet lighting, adding outdoor security lighting, or changing out a lighting fixture can put a fresh face on your home.

Outlets and switches

Outlets and switches are recommended to be replaced after 25 years in a home so that electrical connections can be redone. This ensures that electricity passes cleanly throughout homes. We can not only replace existing outlets and switches but we can add new outlets to different locations of your home.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs require that electrical systems are installed correctly in order to prevent serious injuries. Hiring a licensed electrician can ensure your family’s safety while you relax.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from certain hazards. If you have a breaker that continually trips, it should be checked out by a professional to ensure there are no fire hazards.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air through homes. Fans should always be installed on properly supported boxes. Hiring a licensed electrician ensures that fixtures are installed safely.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detection in homes is a passion of Finch Home Solutions. Ensuring families have proper notification of hazards in the home is a top priority.

Car/EV Chargers

The world is ever-changing and electric cars are becoming more prevalent. Understanding your electrical systems’ capacity is critical to ensuring car chargers can charge safely and effectively.

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