No power / partial power

Power outages can be a stressful situation. Checking in with neighbors or the utility company is a great first step but if the issue is from inside the home, give us a call and we can help troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

Storm damage

Minnesota weather is unpredictable and can cause all sorts of damage to homes including having trees falling, tearing down service masts. Homeowners are responsible for repairing outdoor electrical equipment that is attached to their homes. These repairs should only be trusted to be made by licensed electricians.

Fuse box replacement

Fuse panels can be dangerous to some homeowners and are an outdated form of protecting your home. Installing a new circuit breaker panel in your home is a big job and should be done by only the most qualified professionals.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights can be the result of multiple things. Making sure your electrical connections in the home are tight ensures electricity can pass clean from one connection to another. Homes older than 25 years may need some additional attention as connections can loosen over time.

Breakers tripping

Circuit breakers are designed to keep homes safe. A circuit breaker that constantly trips can be a confusing thing to understand. Troubleshooting the circuit that the breaker controls should be done by a professional who knows the electrical systems.

Aluminum wiring

Aluminum wire was installed into homes during the copper shortage of the late 1960s. . Aluminum is much more likely to become a fire hazard than copper conductors. Any aluminum wiring in use should be inspected by a licensed electrician to determine the state it is in. We can help advise how to properly protect the wiring or we can help remove and eliminate the hazard completely.

Federal Pacific Panel replacement

View the NBC video link below to learn more about the dangers of FPE panels.
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