Why leave your valuable electronics and appliances at the mercy of today’s unstable power grid, when surge protection in Chaska, MN can catch the glitches? Unchecked, variations in your power can cause malfunctions and damage to nearly everything powered in your home. Sensitive electronics, powerful motors, and valuable appliances can become unreliable or even fail and require expensive electrical repairs.

It’s no wonder electrical standards are expanding to include general protection against surges, not just on 6-outlet power strips! Having Finch Home Solutions electricians bring your home up to emerging code requirements provides whole-house surge protection from the power panel onwards. Whether a transformer on the street nearby fails, your AC causes glitches when it starts up, or a lightning strike miles away disrupts power stability, you’ll have a solution in place that will protect all your expensive electronics.

Why Is Whole House Surge Protection So Important?

“Echoes” of power problems, even miles away or out of town, can enter your home as spikes on your power lines and throughout your wiring. They can damage electronics in ways that cause immediate failure, or eventually add up to malfunction. HVAC equipment, appliances, even dimmer switches, and smart lighting are all vulnerable to these random assaults on your equipment. Surge protection intercepts spikes and reroutes them to the ground, giving them a place to go that’s not your valuable equipment!

Power strips with surge protection can provide a limited version of this feature, and typically only a few times or just once before it’s no longer effective. It’s also tempting to overload a power strip with this protection, presenting a danger of its own. It’s quite a risk to take if you’re protecting costly equipment. You should replace these devices after they’ve served their purpose and blocked a surge. Having a whole house surge protector centralizes your protection and regular testing.

Whole house surge protection also serves you well when your house uses not only utility power, but renewables such as solar, wind, or battery power, or even a generator supply. Our experienced electricians can include protection in your often complex power system wiring, and make sure everything is configured and rated to work right when needed. Without these hardworking devices, a single surge can damage thousands of dollars of equipment!

Surge protectors all over your house, can be consolidated to protect:
  • Network routers, computers, and laptops
  • Entertainment equipment including TVs and gaming systems
  • Appliance control electronics, both “smart” and basic models
  • Smart or home automation electronic components
  • HVAC systems and smart controls