Catching up with evolving electrical code standards includes adding surge protection in Edina, MN to your home. Today’s electronics, appliances, and even lighting aren’t prepared for the spikes that can occur from unusual events on the local power grid and even at home. When your HVAC system starts up, a surge may occur, and also from power company configuration changes or repairs. Even a car hitting a local power pole can cause havoc with your home’s power stability.

Power strips provided the first protection for electronics like computers, available for targeted applications of limited scope. Today’s homes are full of electronics, from smart home features to entertainment and gaming systems, all needing protection. More serious spikes can damage HVAC systems, appliances, and other expensive, complex equipment. Whole house surge protection, installed centrally by Finch Home Solutions electricians, covers all your vulnerable gear with high-quality protection.

Why Is Whole House Surge Protection A Critical Precaution?

Your modern home is full of electronics, running 24/7 even in unexpected locations. Your lighting, doorbell, refrigerator, as well as more obvious entertainment electronics and computers, are all vulnerable to major power surges. Repair and replacement costs can be substantial, totaling in the thousands for a power company problem or lightning strike nearby. These events are hard to anticipate, but easy to prepare for with whole-house surge protection, installed as part of our power panel equipment. Other protective devices are now available in whole-house configurations to protect against other concerns such as arc and ground faults and lightning protection, protecting your family and investments centrally.

It’s exciting to install a home theater, smart home features, advanced appliances that even connect to your network, and complex security systems. Unfortunately, they’re all vulnerable to power surges from your home’s wiring. Even before you begin upgrading your home with modern conveniences, it’s an excellent idea to install whole-house surge protection that stands ready to protect each device.

In addition to the cost of replacing items damaged by power surges, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of time testing and identifying which ones have failed. Surge protection makes your life much easier in case of unexpected power problems.

After a power surge, damage could occur to:
  • Entertainment equipment including TVs and gaming systems
  • Appliance control electronics, both “smart” and basic models
  • Network routers, computers, and laptops
  • Smart or home automation electronic components
  • HVAC systems and smart controls