If you’re worried about power outages and surges causing issues with your home’s electrical appliances, fitting surge protectors could be a good idea. Finch Home Solutions installs whole house surge protection in Golden Valley, MN, offering protection for every appliance in your home, regardless of which outlet it’s plugged into.

Protect Your Appliances With Whole House Surge Protection

Many older homes weren’t built with heavy electrical usage in mind. Today, we rely on washing machines, microwave ovens and other demanding electrical appliances. We also use electronic appliances for our entertainment, and these devices can be both power-hungry and highly sensitive to the level of electricity being put through them.

If you have a power cut, then the power comes back on suddenly, this could result in a power surge. It’s also possible for a power surge to happen as a result of a storm, or simply because of issues with the mains electrical supply. Whatever the reason, if a delicate circuit is fed too much power, this could result in that circuit getting damaged.

Many appliances have fuses that are designed to protect against this sort of thing. If you’ve noticed a recurring pattern of fuses blowing on certain appliances in your home, that’s a sign you’ve had some surges, and you should probably take steps to protect your appliances in the future.

Consider investing in surge protection if any of the following apply to you:
  • There are regular power outages or storms in your area
  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • You’ve had issues with fuses blowing in your household appliances
  • You have delicate or expensive electronic devices in your home

There are many ways to protect against power surges. Surge-protecting multiblocks offer protection for appliances that are plugged into those power sockets. That’s a good way of offering temporary protection, but it doesn’t do anything for appliances in other parts of the house. If you’ve got a large home, or you have TVs, computers and other entertainment systems in more than one room, you probably want something better.

Whole house surge protection ‘cleans’ the power at the point that it enters your home, so you can feel confident that appliances in all rooms are protected. Having a whole house surge protector fitted means you can plug your appliances into any socket, and rest easy that they’re insulated from power surges.