Electronic Vehicle (EV) Car Chargers

If you are looking to buy or have recently bought an electric vehicle, you may need a charging station for your home. Few charging stations may be available in the Twin Cities area to meet your needs. A trusted, licensed electrician can help you with installation and repair at your home for electronic vehicle (EV) car chargers. Finch Home Solutions in Minnesota provides convenient and affordable solutions for all makes and models of electric vehicles.

Options for EV Car Chargers

There are three main options available for EV car chargers. Level 1 charging stations allow you to plug your vehicle into a basic household outlet. This option has the slowest charging capabilities, giving you approximately four miles for every hour you charge. With Level 2 charging, you can expect around 70 miles for every charging hour. DC Fast Charging is more commonly used by commercial charging stations and delivers approximately 40 miles for every 10 minutes of charging. The Level 2 charging station is the optimal choice for many homeowners.

How Installation of EV Car Chargers Works

An electrician can come to your home and perform an inspection to check your electrical supply and help determine the best spot for your charging station. Depending on your electrical panel, you may need an upgrade that includes a dedicated circuit for the car charger. An electrician will perform a test run after installation to ensure all the equipment is working correctly. Once this process is complete, the electrician will show you how to operate the charger and answer questions about any warranties that are included.

After installation from an experienced, licensed electrician, the charging station will need little maintenance. If you do need repairs, 24/7 emergency service is available from Finch Home Solutions to help keep you on the road. If you have an issue within the first 24 hours after installation, an electrician from Finch Home Solutions will come up with a solution to eliminate the problem.

Twin Cities EV Car Chargers

Electric vehicles are a great financial investment to protect the environment and save on your energy usage. These charging stations can last for years and boost the overall value of your property. Finch Home Solutions in Minnesota can perform a comprehensive home inspection for EV car chargers to help you choose the best solution for your needs. With over 15 years of experience in the Twin Cities area, you can have peace of mind with your new EV car charging installation.

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