My name is Cody Finch,

I am the owner of Finch Home Solutions and a licensed Master electrician with 14 years of experience. Many years ago, I set out to make a name for myself as Minnesota’s most trusted electrician. I believe that’s the reputation we have built and the quality of service you can expect from us at Finch Home Solutions. I am passionate about providing homeowners with safe, affordable solutions to extend the life of their home electrical systems. 

Cody Finch

Hi, my name is Dawn Finch,

I am the Office Administrator at Finch Home Solutions. My career history is in social and human services, and I am passionate about helping others. I value creating a positive and fulfilling environment and overall culture for everyone within our company. I genuinely care about connecting with and relating to others. Overall, my goal is to make sure that customers have a top-level customer service experience when they reach out to our team at Finch Home Solutions. 


Finch Team

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