Are you curious about what a smart electrical panel upgrade in West St Paul, MN could do for you? Perhaps you just need power for an EV charging station in your future or a tankless water heater, and you need more amp capacity to make it happen. To get started, request a quote from your favorite West St. Paul, MN. Electrician.

For safety, convenience, and modernization, a new electric panel can be the decision that makes a big difference in your home.

When it’s time to replace electric panel equipment, make sure you find out about all the new options available. Even if a smart, load-managing panel isn’t in your plans, centralized protection devices probably are. Surge and lightning protection, GFCI and AFCI are all available when you have Finch Home Solutions install your new power panel. We also offer West St. Paul residents complete rewiring service for remodels, new construction, ADUs, shops, and more.