Are you planning to upgrade the electrical system in your home? Proper installation, along with regular maintenance of your electrical systems, is crucial to keeping your home’s value at a premium. Here are three electric upgrades that can significantly boost the overall value of your property.

Main Electrical System Control Panel

If you do any renovations to your house, you may need a greater capacity for your electrical systems. An outdated or damaged main electrical panel can put your home at greater risk for electrical fires. By focusing on electrical upgrades to your control panels, you can prevent costly damage that can impact your property value. You may also be able to save money on energy usage. 

Energy Efficient Light Fixtures

Electric upgrades with your lighting can save you money and boost the overall value of your property. Bright lighting in the right places lightens the mood especially in those dark months. In addition, energy-efficient light fixtures help lower costs and increase property value with fewer maintenance expenses. 

Switches and Outlets

Upgrading switches and outlets can boost property value and keep your family safe. Electric upgrades you may want to consider include the installation of tramper resistant outlets in the bedrooms and GFI outlets in the kitchen and bath areas. This will bring your home up to code so if you sell, you will not have to make those changes during an already stressful time. Dimmer switches can also save money on energy use to maximize efficiency. 

Energy-Efficient Electric Upgrades in Minnesota 

Boosting your property value can help you make a greater impact on your community and your budget. Flinch Home Solutions can help you reduce costs and boost property value with energy-efficient electric upgrades. Schedule an appointment to discuss your electrical needs today.

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