Whether you are getting ready to buy a home or have owned one for a long time, it is vital to be aware of any potential problems before they lead to expensive repairs. Whole home electrical inspections can help protect you in a variety of ways. Here are the top three reasons you need a whole home electrical safety inspection. 


Protection from Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are one of the biggest dangers homeowners in the Twin Cities area can face. A whole home electrical safety inspection can identify potential hazards that can lead to electrical fires. These hazards include outdated wiring and overloaded circuits that can spark with frequent energy use.


Energy Use Savings

Issues with your electrical system can lead to higher energy use which can significantly impact your household budget. During a whole home electrical safety inspection, a technician can identify hidden problems that create spikes in energy use. You may also receive recommendations on upgrades that can save you money in the future.


Protect Sensitive Electronic Equipment

Electrical surges can damage sensitive electronic equipment in your home like computers, televisions and appliances. During a whole home electrical safety inspection, the technician will look for faulty wiring for short circuits that can create surges. If you have an older home, you may need arc fault breakers installed to monitor the wiring closely to protect you and your family from sparks, surges and electrical fires. 


Schedule Your Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection

A whole home electrical safety inspection is a cost-effective way to help protect you and your home from extensive damage. The experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Finch Home Solutions can help you identify and repair any issues with your electrical system to keep you safe. Affordable solutions are available for every situation with a satisfaction guarantee. Call to schedule your appointment for an inspection today.


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