The arrival of autumn signals the need to check the condition of your home’s electrical system. At the same time, you may make it more eco-friendly with updated, energy-efficient features. But first, let’s address safety issues to check.


Fall Safety Tips

 You will rely more on electric appliances and the systems they regulate as the weather gets colder. Thus, now is the time to ensure your electrical system is in optimal condition.

Below are some electrical safety guidelines to take into account for your home’s continued safety:

  • Call an electrician to examine the circuit if you are constantly resetting the breaker. It may be time to upgrade the panel.
  • Examine outlets for loose plugs, which can cause a fire if they overheat.
  • Ensure the light bulbs in use are the correct wattage for your fixtures.
  • Ensure electric blankets are certified by CSA, UL, or ETL and check that their cords are not frayed, cut or cracked. Never put them under mattresses, children or comforters when in use, and do not allow pets to sleep on them.
  • Test your CO and smoke detectors.
  • Examine all power cords to guarantee they are in good working order. If an electrical cord is damaged, do not try to patch it with tape; instead, replace it.
  • Make sure that clicking the test button on a GFC outlet causes it to reset correctly.
  • Place protective covers on all exposed outlets if young children are in the house.
  • Unplug battery chargers until spring if you will not need them.
  • Store lawnmowers and trimmers safely. Check leaf and snowblowers and their power cords for unusual wear. Replace broken tools or parts immediately.
  • Keep fallen leaves away from outlets, lighting, and power cords. Sweep your outdoor areas frequently because dry leaves can catch fire easily.
  • Use only weatherproof devices outside because there will be more moisture in the environment.


Electrical Upgrades for an Energy-Efficient Home This Fall

The following upgrades ensure safety and convenience:

  • Replace old outlets. If your home’s outlets are over twenty years old, you should update them.
  • Install ceiling fans in your rooms to circulate the air. Hot air rises, so the fan will help keep you from having to blast the heater by blowing that hot air back into the room.
  • Install blinds to increase energy savings. Motorized blinds are available for hard-to-reach windows. You can close them at night for insulation and open them during the day to let in the warm sunlight.


Contacting Finch Home Solutions for Professional Electrical System Inspection

Do you have concerns about your electrical system? Contact Finch Home Solutions to learn how we can help with electrical upgrades and repairs this season. We can inspect your home’s electrical system and fix or update anything in a hazardous condition.

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