Power outages can lead to extensive storm damage to your home’s electrical system. However, there are a few steps you can take to protect this sensitive equipment and reduce your risks of an expensive repair. Here are three tips to protect your electrical system from damage from a power outage during a storm.

Install Whole Home Surge Protection

A power outage from storm damage can lead to numerous electrical issues like blown circuits and fried wiring. In addition, electricity surges can put your home at risk of fire damage. You may want to install surge protection to help protect sensitive components of your electrical system from storm damage. Whole home surge protection can be installed directly to your breaker panel to help provide peace of mind in any weather.

Trim Tree Branches

High winds during a storm can break off dead limbs from trees near your home. The excess weight from fallen branches can cause significant storm damage to your electrical system by loosening power lines and wiring. Restored electricity after a power outage could create an electrical fire. Trim tree branches around the exterior of your home and any power lines on your property.

Secure Your Service Mast

Your service mast is responsible for conducting electricity from your utility pole to your home.

Voltage spikes can loosen the service mast for your electrical system and lead to a power outage and other types of storm damage. You may want to have a professional electrical repair service professional perform an inspection to make sure your service mast is secure.

Experienced Storm Damage and Power Outage Electrical Repair Services

Taking preventative measures before a power outage and storm damage can help you keep your home and family safe. The experienced specialists at Finch Home Solutions offer comprehensive solutions to prevent and repair damage to your electrical system. Call to request a service appointment today.

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