You may think your home’s electrical wiring is safe because your appliances are working fine, but you may have hidden safety hazards that can cause a residential fire. Electrical wiring can last approximately 50 to 70 years on average, but if you have an older home, it may need to be updated. Here are three warning signs your electrical wiring needs an update.


Older Electrical Wiring

Homes built in the 60s and 70s commonly used aluminum wiring, and homes built previously may contain no-metallic wiring or knob and tube wiring. These electrical wiring types can lead to fried wires, and loose connections and create surges and shocks. To keep your home safe, have a licensed professional update your electrical wiring. You might also consider a Whole Home Surge Protection device.


Ungrounded Outlets

Ungrounded outlets are a major safety hazard for electronics. Electrical excesses can flow through your devices, even if you use a surge protector. If you have two-prong ungrounded outlets, reduce your shock risks with an update.  


Inadequate Power

Does your home have enough amp power? Most homes today need around 100 to 200 amps to function efficiently with all the modern appliances and electronic devices. You could damage these sensitive items beyond repair if your home lacks adequate power. It can also create a fire hazard if you do not update your electrical wiring. 


Twin Cities Electrical Wiring Specialists

While your electrical wiring can last a long time, it is crucial to make sure everything is up-to-date to prevent expensive repairs and injury. If you are unsure about the age of your wiring, you may want to consult with a licensed professional who can inspect and offer recommendations. Finch Home Solutions are electrical wiring specialists in the Twin Cities area who can help update your home to keep you and your property safe. Call to learn more about our services today!

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