Power surges put you and your loved ones in danger and can cause severe damage to your electrical devices. While many of these surges are generated by storms, the majority come from within the house. Having a whole house surge protector installed will protect you, no matter where the surge originates. Power surges happen in the blink of an eye. You may not even notice you have one. A clock may reset or the lights may flicker. That is your only indication that the power has been interrupted. Unfortunately, the damage left behind can be severe. Whole home surge protection is your best defense.

The damage from even a small surge can be costly. Insurance claims from power surges are placed in the same category as lightning strikes. The two together amount to billions of dollars in losses. A typical claim can be over $4,500. The following are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy once your whole home surge protector is in place.

1. High-Tech Gadget Protection

In today’s world, our homes are filled with electronic devices and appliances. These items are quite expensive and vulnerable to power surges unless you have a whole-house surge protector. Many of the most common appliances, as well as LED light bulbs, have sensitive circuit boards and additional electrical components. Even your smartphones and tablets are at risk when there’s a power surge. It only takes one power surge to destroy a circuit board, wipe out your data, and disable your appliances.

2. Short Transient Surge Protection

Short transient surges originate inside the home. For example, these small surges can be generated by a high-powered air conditioner motor. These small spikes won’t cause severe damage if there’s only one, but over time, multiple surges will take their toll. Multiple transient surges can eventually shorten the lifespan and decrease the performance of your electronic devices and appliances. This includes everyday items like your refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine. These small surges are typically caused by larger appliances that frequently turn on and off.

3. Appliance and Device Damage Prevention

Ironically, those same appliances and devices that can cause power surges can be severely damaged by them. A power surge can cause the air conditioner to break down during the heat of the summer or damage the heater when you need it the most during the winter season. A surge can even disable the refrigerator and leave your food to spoil. These damages can become quite expensive. You’ll need to replace those large appliances that are affected. This could quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

That doesn’t even include the cost of the food you lose out on or the replacement of your everyday electronic devices. A whole-house surge protector helps you avoid this costly situation.

The following are examples of the devices and appliances your whole home surge protection provides protection for.

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Televisions
  • Gaming consoles
  • Humidifiers
  • HVAC systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Smartphones
  • LED strips
  • Lighting fixtures

4. Electrical Fire Protection

During a power surge, your home’s wiring can overheat, spark, create electrical arcing, and start fires. With whole home power surge protection, your internal circuits are protected against external voltages, and you are protected from internal surges too. House fires are commonly started by wiring issues, faulty outlets, and older appliances. It’s important to take care of these problems to avoid fires and maximize your safety. If there is a hidden issue, whole home surge protection helps. It reduces the risks when unusually high voltages reach your electrical system.

5. Customized Whole Home Power Surge Protection

There are many forms of whole-home surge protection. An 80 kA-rated surge protector is well suited to 120 V systems, which is the typical system found in United States homes. You’ll rarely see a surge over 10 kA, and it’s highly unusual to find anything over 50 kA. You’ll need the higher-rated surge protection system if electrical storms are common in your area. You’ll have internal fuses and failure indicators if you get a surge suppression system. These are panel-mounted systems with separate units for your cable lines, power, and phones.

The best whole-house surge protectors have a two-tiered system that includes the surge protection device that is installed on the circuit breaker, along with plug-in surge protection devices on each of the individual outlets. We can help you find the best surge protection system for your home by evaluating your needs.

6. Lightening Strike Protection

Lightning strikes frequently cause power surges that put your electronics and appliances at risk for severe damage. By having us install a whole home surge protector, you’ll be protecting your home and possessions from lightning strikes. The surge protector works by absorbing the energy from the lightning. This keeps your electronic items safe.

7. Lower Electric Bills

Your electrical system will draw more energy than necessary during a power surge. This can result in your monthly electric bill being higher than you expected. Once we install your whole home surge protection, the amount of power your electrical system draws during these situations will go down.

8. Home Electrical System Protection

It’s not just your devices and appliances that are in danger when it comes to a power surge. Your home’s entire electrical system is at risk. By stopping powerful surges from entering your home, a whole home surge protector will protect your electrical wiring, sockets, and circuits. If you have a major power surge and your home isn’t protected, you could end up having to replace damaged electrical wiring all throughout the house. This can cost thousands of dollars and be very inconvenient.

9. Affordable Protection

After learning about whole home surge protection, you may think that this kind of protection must cost thousands of dollars to purchase and have installed. The truth is, that many forms of whole-house surge protection are quite affordable. We can help you select and install a system that suits your home’s needs as well as your budget.

10. Peace of Mind

One of the best benefits you’ll experience with whole-house surge protection is the peace of mind it provides. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect your home’s appliances and electrical devices. Even during a severe electrical storm, you’ll feel safe.

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